Getting the most of your Annual Review Workshop for Parents & Carers


Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 / 10am - 1pm


Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support

Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support
Dudley Place

Event Cost:

£10 for members, £20 for non-members


Booking in advance is required to attend
Name: Catherine Ford
Telephone: 0208 606 6780

This is a Legal Advice Workshop run by Melinda Nettleton – Director of SEN Legal

Does your child have an EHC Plan?  If so, there is a legal requirement for that plan to be reviewed at least once a year. 


The annual review is more than just a review, it is a vitally important legal process. It is your opportunity as a parent/carer to ensure the EHC is up to date, continues to reflect your child’s needs and that all legally enforceable provision is being delivered. Often schools are overly positive at annual reviews which results in provision that your child needs, being taken away.  Many parents underestimate the importance of this meeting and become frustrated when it is too late and they have missed their opportunity to make changes to their child’s educational provision.


This is a fantastic opportunity to get some real hands-on advice and information to how you can get the most out of your annual review, from a specialist Lawyer with over 20 years’ experience and a 97% success rate in this field.


This legal workshop will cover:


  • What Your Legal Rights Are
  • The Annual Review Process
  • Checklist for Annual Review
  • Key differences with Transfer Reviews (moving between phases of education)
  • What to do if you object to amendments



Come along and see what you could do for your child or young person – don’t wait until it’s too late!


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