Autism & Anxiety Workshop for Parents, Carers & Professionals


Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 / 10am - 1pm


Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support

Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support
Dudley Place

Event Cost:

£10 for Members, £25 non-members


Booking in advance is required to attend
Name: Catherine Ford
Telephone: 0208 606 6780

Trainer: Stephanie Mullally

BSc Hons, PGCE, PGDip

“Autism and Anxiety” will explore the underlying causes of stress and anxiety in relation to autistic differences, including how these may be expressed by autistic people.  Participants will explore how anxiety in autistic people may look and feel different to that in neuro typical people and the importance of supporting autistic people to develop self-regulation strategies.

Course aims:

Understand the underlying causes of stress and anxiety

Identify the physiological effects of stress and anxiety on the body

Understand the function of behaviour in response to stress and anxiety

Explore emotional regulation tools to support the well-being and self-esteem of autistic people

Learn strategies to support autistic people to understand and manage their own emotions

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