Autism. Promoting Positive Behaviour Workshop for Parents, Carers & Professionals


Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 / 10am - 1pm


Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support

Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support
Dudley Place

Event Cost:

£10 for members, £25 for non-members


Booking in advance is required to attend
Name: Catherine Ford
Telephone: 0208 606 6780

Trainer: Stephanie Mullally

BSc Hons, PGCE, PGDip

Autistic Behaviour is a form of communication. To support the individual, we must first learn the function of this behaviour.

Workshop Aims:

  • Understand the function of behaviour
  • Develop strategies to reduce or divert the behaviour
  • Learn how to use tools designed to understand behaviour
  • Explore emotional regulation tools to support the well-being and self-esteem of autistic people
  • Learn strategies that enable autistic people to understand and manage their own behaviour

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