Comic Strip Conversations Workshop for Parents, Carers and Professionals


Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 / 4pm - 6pm


Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support

Dudley Place (Off Pinkwell Lane)

Event Cost:

£70pp Professionals / £40pp HACS Parent/ Carer Members (Discount available when booking more than 1 workshop on the same day)


Booking in advance is required to attend. Please book directly with Autism Specialists.

Event Organiser: Autism Specialists

Tania - 07708 516483
Claire - 07708 516483



Claire Brinkley and Tania Wagstaff

Comic Strip Conversations (Gray)…. What are they and how can I use them?

Comic Strip Conversations is a strategy developed by Carol Gray in the USA to support students with autism by extending their social understanding and helping staff working with them to understand how the child with autism perceives their social world. This strategy can be used to support problem solving and to help ‘un-pick’ difficult situations. They are a fantastic tool for staff to use in their everyday work with students on the autism spectrum.

“Brilliant, informative course that will have a big impact on the children I work with” Rebecca – Training course delivered for Forest Way Teaching School Alliance, Leicestershire.

What you will know by the end of the training session:

• What Comic Strip Conversations are, how they were developed and when you might use them.

• How Comic Strip Conversations can be used to help people to understand how the child with autism is thinking about a given situation and perceives their social world generally.

• How and why Comic Strip Conversations increase social understanding, Theory of Mind and problem solving skills in children & young people with autism (an outline of how people with autism think and learn will be given based on current research).

• How to undertake Comic Strip Conversations.

• How to implement Comic Strip Conversations in your own setting. Delegates will take away a set of Conversation Colours as well as other useful resources to help them implement the strategy.

Who the training session is aimed at:

• Staff with an understanding of autism and an interest in practical strategies in this area (particularly useful for SENCos and specialist support staff.)

• Primary and secondary phase staff as well as staff working in Specialist Settings. Parents and family members will also benefit from this training.


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