HACS benefits greatly from the input of our volunteers by gaining new and valued perspectives through their work as well as the donation of their valuable time.  A commitment, however small, can have a lasting effect on our charity and those we support.  HACS welcome different types of volunteers including:

Occasional volunteers – people who volunteer at events including fundraising activities such as gift wrapping in local shopping centres, or by representing parent views at our exhibition events.

Regular volunteers – people who take on a particular task or role on an on-going basis, such as a role within our Resource Centre or working on a particular project over a sustained period of time, including Playschemes or Youth clubs.

The types of voluntary opportunities available are:

  • Telephone helpline volunteer
  • Befriend a parent/carer of a child on the autism spectrum
  • Befriend an individual on the autism spectrum
  • Minibus drivers
  • Library co-ordinator
  • Gift wrapping
  • Fundraiser

Emma volunteers in our office one day per week.  She is responsible for co-ordinating our fundraising events and supports the day-to-day administration of the Resource Centre:

“I wanted to give something back.  HACS has helped me so much and given me a new purpose”

Volunteering on our Recreation Service that provides out of school activities for children and young people can be a great way to build up the hours of experience you need to complete your apprenticeship or course.  An ideal placement opportunity for Duke of Edinburgh participants or those studying towards Teaching or Childcare qualifications.