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My Favourite Voucher Codes – Vote for HACS!

April 17th, 2019

Help Us to Support autistic people and their families by Voting HACS this April 2019

Here at HACS, we believe in doing everything that we can to help support autistic people and their families.  This April 2019 we will be celebrating World Autism Awareness month  by taking part in the My Favourite Voucher Codes charity poll! This is wonderful opportunity for us to raise some awareness – and hopefully some funds too – for our wonderful cause. But we are going to need your help!

My Favourite Voucher Codes have been raising money for different charities around the United Kingdom since 2012 and the premise of their business was actually built on being able to help those less fortunate or in need within our society. They have been able to raise funds for a whole range of different causes since their initiative started and the grand total of money donated stands at an amazing £56,000 so far! But the team certainly don’t plan on stopping there. They continue to invite charities to take part in their poll on a monthly basis in the hope that they can raise even more money for them. Charities are even invited to take part on a yearly basis, so if they are not entirely successful the first time around, then they still have the opportunity to win again!

This money saving website allows consumers to easily find promo and discount codes on a wide range of retailers in order to save money. For every voucher code and discount that is used, the company makes a small commission. Of that commision, they have decided to donate 20% to different charities every month through their charity poll initiative. This is a really great way for a small company to contribute to the causes that need it the most!

My Favourite Voucher Codes has raised money for the likes of Disability Challengers, Julian House, Multiple Sclerosis Trust, Alzheimer’s Society, Stroke Association and much more! It is really easy to see the good work that this company is doing through their polls and they plan on continuing to do this well into the future!

The charity poll is listed on the right hand side of the company’s website, and voting is really easy and simple. All that you have to do is click on the circle beside Hacs and your vote for us will have been casted! It is completely free to vote in and there is no need to sign up to anything! There is also no need to use any of the voucher codes on the site, though if you do use a code than the amount that is donated will increase!

The poll will be live between the 1st and 30th of April, and we need your help to win the donation. So make sure that you head over to their website during this time and cast your vote for HACS!

Help us to support autistic people this April 2019, so that may lead independent, rewarding and fulfilling lives.