My son was isolated at school

Posted on: February 21st, 2015 by admin

My son Josh* is a lovely witty clever young lad; all he wants is to have friends, be liked and to be understood…

Despite having a statement of SEN’s to start school he only received 15 hours of funding by the LEA; his school had to try and support him for the rest of the time from their own budget. My son began to change from a happy child to a very withdrawn and angry young man; he was no longer invited to other children’s parties or their houses to play after school.

With the help of HACS, together we were able to unravel why. During his playtimes which he really struggled with he was being left to his own devices without any supervision. Josh was trying to join in and play but he would go too close to the children and put his face in front of theirs and keep asking the same questions over and over again; if they did not answer he would shout – no wonder the children were getting annoyed.

HACS supported me at a school appointment with the class teacher and the SENCo. HACS spoke to the staff about strategies and managing unstructured time. The school did agree in the end to use money from their own SEN budget to fund an additional dinner lady to support Josh. This has helped Josh tremendously as the dinner lady is able to ‘hover’ and can often intervene before things get tricky!

Thanks a million HACS for your ongoing support

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