Not coping at mainstream

Posted on: February 21st, 2015 by admin

My son was diagnosed as a high functioning autistic child when he was aged 5. He was always a little quirky and very determined!

He was considered to be academically able, in other words he did not have an additional learning difficulty. However, what his primary school failed to realise was that his anxieties, sensory processing, distorted perception and paranoia had huge impact on upon his ability to cope with school and his peers.

My son became school phobic, depressed; and made several attempts to seriously harm himself and yet still he was not deemed suitable for a statutory assessment of his special educational needs!

HACS became my life line and the driving force behind my quest for a Statement of his SENs.

After a very lengthy process and numerous appointments, letters and reports with the wonderful support of HACS my son received his fully funded statement and moved to a specialist autism school.

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