Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support (HACS) are committed to raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of the Autism Spectrum. We are dedicated to supporting those affected by this complex condition in order to minimise their disability and maximise their ability.

Our Values

Our services will be person-centred: this means that it is important to see the world from the perspective of the person on the autism spectrum, in order to understand them. Our services will be centered around the individual and their needs, unlike other services where the expectation is that the individual should adapt to suit the mainstream environment.

We will employ a “whole organisation approach”. Every member of staff will impact on the delivery of our services, whether they are a Trustee or a volunteer; they are all important and can be as effective as each other. It is therefore essential that all staff and volunteers understand what the Charity is trying to achieve and share the same aspirations for our service-users. We will achieve this through on-going training for all Trustees, Resource Centre staff, casual staff and volunteers either through internal training sessions or through conferences and externally verified courses. Consistency is central to the “whole organisation approach”. Staff and volunteers will be consistent in all areas of the Charity’s work, particularly following the adopted policies and procedures, maintaining boundaries and following agreed behaviour management strategies for children and young people. There will always be a forum to discuss policies, procedures and strategies that are used, but once there is an agreed strategy and way of working it will be followed.

We will provide a holistic approach to meet the needs of each individual on the autism spectrum and their families. This will be achieved through the integration of our Family Support, Training and Recreation services and also sustaining our partnership working with education, health and social care agencies across the borough of Hillingdon in order to meet the needs of the individual, their parents/carers and siblings. We will also provide advice, guidance and support to the professionals working with the individual, such as school staff.

We will adopt a team approach across the organisation; however it is important, when considering a team approach, who is on the team and what the approach is. Simply put, everyone whether they be a Trustee, Resource Centre staff, casual staff or volunteer is part of the team. Individually, they all impact on the delivery, they are all important and can all be as effective as each other. Therefore, it is necessary that they all understand what the organisation is trying to achieve and work together to achieve common goals. The management system will have clear direction, encouraging teamwork and promoting support, thereby valuing the contribution that each staff member has to offer. Communication within the team is essential and has to be managed through handover meetings, records, staff emails, visually using message boards and summative reporting.