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Welcome to HACS.

Supporting autistic people to discover their true potential and lead purposeful, fulfilling lives.

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HACS are committed to raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of autism. Our mission is to improve quality of life by minimising disability and maximising ability. 
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Family Support

Impartial and accessible advice on autism, special educational provision, behaviour and well-being from our skilled and experienced team.

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Children & Young People's Services

Leisure activities, short breaks and specialist programmes for autistic children & young people aged 6-25 years

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Workshops and short courses for parents and professionals on autism, legal rights and a whole range of specialist topics.

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Skills & Employment

Vocational training and support for people with autism or learning disabilities to find and retain employment.

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Adult Support

Personalised support, accessible advice and social activities for adults to understand autism and manage their well-being

Please Support HACS

As a Charity we depend on the generosity of the community to enable us to sustain our services and continue our much valued work.

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