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Our Mission

We are committed to raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of autism. Our mission is to improve quality of life by minimising disability and maximising ability. 

Thursday night Youth Group is all about

Our Aim

Our aim is to increase understanding and acceptance of autism, in order to reduce health, education and socio-economic inequalities and improve positive life outcomes for autistic people locally.


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Our Values

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We Understand

…the challenges faced by autistic people and their families. We have both professional and personal experience of autism.

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We support

…people to overcome challenges and improve wellbeing. We work holistically to identify the education, social care, health and employment needs of people we support.

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We listen

…to the people we support and respect what is important to them. We are here when they need us most.

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We are trusted to deliver

…high quality services and provide value-for-money for the public purse. We have proven our impact on the autism community and will continue to strive for success.

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We create opportunities

…for autistic people to reach their full potential. We break down barriers, celebrate diversity & focus on ability.

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We are passionate

…about autism and improving lives. We will always “go the extra mile” to make a difference. We take pride in our work and are committed to achieve positive outcomes for the people we support.

Please Support HACS

As a Charity we depend on the generosity of the community to enable us to sustain our services and continue our much valued work.

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